Program and Education

Routine for the day
Each room has a routine displayed. The day provides time for eating, sleeping, indoor and outdoor free play experiences, small and large group music and movement, language experiences, messy/sensory play, art experiences and interest/project work.

Sun Safety
The centre fosters a Sun Smart Policy and we require you to apply sunscreen available at the sign-in desk on arrival. Staff will encourage children to keep their hats on at all times when outdoors.

Children are required to be dressed in Sun Smart clothing, which includes clothing that covers and protects as much skin as possible, including the shoulders, back and stomach. A "no hat, play in the shade" policy will exist, meaning that if a child has no hat, or refuses to wear one, they may only play in covered or shady areas.

Meal Times
We have a qualified chef who works 5 days a week. We encourage healthy and nutritional eating habits and our menus reflect foods from different cultures. Individual routines for feeding are followed for the 0-1 year olds.

Sleep and Rest Time
All children are encouraged to have a sleep/rest time. This time is after lunch and each room provides a relaxing atmosphere by turning off the lights, closing the blinds and playing soft music or a story.

For the 3-6 year old rooms children who fall asleep on their own are left to rest, those still awake after a short rest time are offered quiet activities or bed bags to allow those who do sleep to do so in a calm, quiet environment.

Individual routines are followed for the 0-1 year olds.

Parent Involvement and Input
We encourage parents and family members to be involved in all aspects of the centre by providing regular feedback. The centre provides regular opportunity for feedback through parent surveys and we welcome comments on our program, philosophy, journals and menus.